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6 Reasons why YOU should join SYC

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

SYC is the only youth choir in the area. There is nothing like us in CNY! Here are 6 reasons why you should join.

  1. You will grow as a musician. Learning music is like learning a language. There are symbols you have to understand, and those symbols coincide with sounds. Learning how to intemperate and use the language of music is incredibly rewarding and useful for the life of a music lover. Whether you become a professional musician, or just enjoy making music with your peers, reading music is something that you will be happy you learned how to do!

  2. You will perform and learn about different types of music. Our choir will not be performing pop music, musical theater or pop a cappella. Not because those types of music are not valid, we encourage everyone to enjoy the music that they are drawn to! Our choir will sing from the classical choral repertoire. Much of this repertoire is written specially for young voices, and it deserves our undivided attention.

  3. Participating in SYC will teach you how to better your singing voice. The plan for our rehearsals is to give each student at least one private 20 minute voice lesson per semester. Singing in a choir will absolutely help your voice, but the private instruction is invaluable for your voice journey.

  4. Singing is one of the only activities that connects both the left and right side of your brain, talk about assisting the developing mind! Singing as an activity is quite unique, in this article, Dr. Patel explains how singing can help patients with brain injury bring back memories and brain function.

  5. SYC will perform all over Syracuse and beyond... Trips to other parts of the world might just be in order. If we are successful in our first few seasons, our goal is to be able to take the choir on the road to bring our music to different areas of the state, country, and world!

  6. Friends you make in SYC are friends for life. Being a part of a choir is like being a part of a big family. Singing together brings a deep connection with your choir mates, one that is unlike other connections. As a rule, our choir will be inclusive and foster both a good working environment, but one that will help our members feel cared for.

Written by Katie Weber, Artistic Director

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